20+ Best New & Modern Christmas Songs 2021 | Xmas Songs List

I’m sure you already have some Christmas songs in mind, but have you ever sat down to think about what your favorite Christmas songs are? After all, there are so many songs that come on the radio during the Holidays, how can you choose just a few songs as favorites? You probably can’t. This is why I’ve created a list of the Best New & Modern Christmas songs that everyone seems to love and listen to every year.


Find here a list of the Best New & Modern Christmas songs of all time (Xmas songs list). This is the most comprehensive and newest exclusive Christmas Songs list on the web.

1. Jingle Bells by Gwen Stefani

The holiday season is an appropriate time to revisit one of the most beloved Christmas songs, Gwen Stefani’s cover of “Jingle Bells.” The peppy rendition will get you and your family in a festive mood, even if it’s the thousandth time you’ve heard it.

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