Woah, Woah, Woah
Oh, That’s How Y’all Feel? Okay
Keep That Same Energy
Woah, Woah, Yeah
Woah, Yeah, Woah, Woah
Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah

Niggas Go To Switchin’ Sides, Bitches Go To Switchin’ Sides
My Lil’ Brother Walkin’ On Crutches, But He Still’ll Ride
I Can’t Find The Words To Describe What I Feel Inside
Go Against The Gang, You Ain’t Heard? That’s Like Suicide

Pillar Box, Grab A Glock, Spray A Block, That’s How We Slide
Spin That Bitch Again, Nigga, We Don’t Care ’Bout Who Done Died
Go To War With Everybody If My Crew Decide
Ain’t No Fuckin’ Middle, Nigga, Better Chose A Side

No Respect For Instagram Gangsters, Gotta Tag Something
He Was Talkin’ Crazy, Caught Him Lackin’ At A Gas Pump
Start A War, Then Hide In The House, You Get Your Man Slumped
Shots Out The Draco, Ain’t No Chaser, Got His Ass Drunk

Every Time My Voice Come On The Beat, That Shit Got Mad Bump
Nudy Smokin’ Fetus Funk, Check The Score, They Ass Skunk
Headshot, His Forehead Lump, Flip The Switch, Nigga, Dump
4L Love Me, They Protect Me, Secret Service Like I’m Trump

You Can Feel My Presence Before I Came In The Building
I’ma Put Some Condos In My Hood, I Get A Billion
Lost My Right Hand And My Arms And It Killed Me
Wash Away The Trauma With The Drugs, But I Need Therapy

My Daddy Broke My Momma Heart, Why She Carry Me?
I Don’t Respect Him Enough To Even Ask Him For The Clarity
I Just Want My Girl To Hold Me Down And Not Embarrass Me
Treat Me How You Treat Your Birkin Bags, Baby, Cherish Me

You Heard I Don’t Like You, Nigga, Now You Wanna Blast Me
If You Was A Man, You Would’ve Had The Balls To Ask Me
I Want Everybody On, I Don’t Care ’Bout Who Pass Me
Knowin’ If I Turn My Back, You Probably Still Gon’ Stab Me

I Ain’t Wanna Jump Inside The Streets, But They Grabbed Me
Know You Want Me Back, But Bitch, You Played Me When You Had Me
Gotta Make It Home, I Got Some People Call Me Daddy
They Depend On Me, That’s Why I Bulletproof The Caddy

Take A Couple Ms, Put ’Em In A Safe
Then I Took My Brothers And Put ’Em All In Place
I Know Niggas Envy, I Know Niggas Hate
Shots Out The Draco, Put ’Em In His Face

When It Come To Smoke, I’m Givin’ What They Take
I Freed Up My Calendar, Nigga, Pick A Date
Got A Lot To Lose, Tryin’ Not To Bite The Bait
When It’s Up, It’s Up, It Ain’t Never For Debate



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