Go Genie! (Go-Go!) Go
Genie! (Go-Go, Go-Go!)

Listen up, here we go!
I’m the blue kid, groovin’
in, getting it done
And we’re judging all these candidates
while having some fun, you know!

Time to bring out the tal-ent!

We’re callin’ all the big and small
the crazy, cool and tall
We’re looking for the winner we can
call to be our next Disney staaarr

Yeah Disney Elite will
never be the same, we got–

The Greatest (greatest)
Disney show on earth!

(Yeah! It’s a party every week, baby!)

It’s the Greatest Disney
show that you deserve!
(Oh yeah –come check it out)

These people are so
entertaining (That’s right!)
and others are exhilarating!
(Just a little bit…)
Better to pray, are you here to stay?
The greatest Disney show on Earth!
Greatest Disney Show On
Earth! (I’m your man!)

Hoooooo! Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome welcome welcome to the
new edition of America’s Got…


The Voice Of…

(Whispering loud)
Just stop.

I swear there’s a new
talent show every week…

(Whispering loudly)

Oh, right heh…

I don’t know why I bother…

–Welcome to “The Greatest Disney
Show On Earth” the best talent
showcase you’ll ever see! Boy,
have we got a great show for each
and every one of you tonight!
So out of 100 contestants came our
6 best ones, who will be showcasing
incredible talents for you all today!


First, let’s give a hand to the
fabulous ITM staff, who put together
this show through several months
of hard work, and, also, enlisted
the help of tonight’s celebrity
judge panel! Introducing our first
judge, all the way from France,
let’s give it up for Judge Belle!


Our second judge was mentor of the
year, as decided by me… just
now. Give it up for… Judge Ariel!


(Talking to himself)
The producers of this
show are gonna kill me…

Our final judge has
absolutely nothing special…

I’ll go pack up my things…

Hahaha, I was joking! Put your
hands together for the head judge
and creative director–Maui!

(Cheering crowd)

Great! Let us start this amazing
show with an incredible performance
by the one and only…Flubber!


Hey, Flubber! Were you green
with envy when you came in DEAD
LAST in the previous round?

(He laughs, embarassed)
well… green is just my natural colour.

Seriously, who hired this guy?
(end of Iago’s layers)

Well, good to know! Ok, we are ready for
you to shock us with your performance!
(Flubber finger dancing/puppet
performance, he moonwalks,
finger breakdances, etc.)
(A finger breaks)

Oh gawd!!!

(crowd gasps in shock)

Just kidding that was part
of the act. Ta daa!!!
(Flips all fingers back)

(Crowd goes wild)

Well flubz, you really got jiggy
with it didn’t you! Let’s see what
judges have to say, shall we? Belle.

Wonderful. That’s the best
dance routine I have ever seen!

Amen sister! Ariel?

I couldn’t agree more.

He clearly is NOT part of our world!

I can explain every natural
phenomenon… But you sir, are
freaky fresh! Well done!

Awww, thank you!! (he bows)


Our next act truly put’s the “M” in
Magic. Please, put your hands together
for the Sorcerer’s Apprentice!


So, Mickey… How old are you?

I just turned 90!

And you’re still an apprentice…

Yes! Haha!

Hmm.. wouldn’t you say it’s
a little odd for a senior
citizen–such as yourself–to
still be considered an apprentice
after all those years of studying?

Well, I think that you never
ever stop learning & growing.
(Crowd Awws)

You are so pure, Mickey. We
are ready for you to amaze us!

(Mickey’s magic performance)

(Cheering crowd)

WOW! What a remarkable talent! What was
your favourite part of that act, Ariel?

Oooh! I liked the part
where he did the magic!

That was the entire act, hun.

No, there are other parts: the
part when he came on the stage…
The part where he will leave
the stage, the part where —

Maui, it’s a good thing
you’re pretty… Belle?

Okay can we just talk about how
this guy looks so great at 90?

It’s easy, just get the animators
to erase your wrinkles.. duh.
Thank you very much Mickey! I
think I am starting to smell a
winner winner chicken dinner!

Oh boy! (Nods and ends layer)

Up next we have the lovely Singing
Harp. How’s life in the Happy Valley?

Oh, we’re back to prosperity now
that the Giant is on holiday.

Good. We can’t wait to be
enchanted by your song.

(Harp starts singing.


Sweet Kansas, that girl is amazing!

(Maui gasps — Runs
away from the screen)

Wait, where are you going?

I’ll be right back-I just realized
that I think I left my stove on.

What? You’ve been here all
day, when did you do that?

(Screaming far from the mic and
not showing his face on screen,
just a kitchen background)

(He sighs)
Demi-goof. Ariel?

What is a stove? Does it burn?

Yes. Belle?

My dad used to make the
best chicken pot pies!

This ain’t Disney’s Elite Chef people!
Ok Harpie, when Maui’s back we’ll let
you know if you’re going to the finals.

Okay, our next performance is
something totally bizarre yet
totally cool. Meet the girl with
an animal sounds encyclopedia
stuck in her throat — Lilo!!


So Lilo, who taught you
all those animal sounds?!

My best friend, Stitch! Sometimes
I have to force him to puke cause
he likes to pretend to eat our
animal friends…but then actually
ends up swallowing them whole so…

Cuuuute… Good luck!

(Lilo’s performance)


You are ready to pounce on the
competition aren’t ya?! Amazing. Let’s
hear from the judges! Maui–You’re
back already? That was fast.

Well, I AM a demi-god…

So you saw her performance– demi-goof?

No.. I was googling how to
fix a burnt apple pie…

Great.. Ariel?

You know, i’m really starting to wish
I had some sort of special talent… I
think I’ll start tap lessons next week.

But Ariel, you don’t have feet…

That’s discrimination!

Against who?

Against girls with FINS!

Ok sweetie why don’t we start
an online pet-fishin’ later?
(Genie bursts out laughing)
Oh I crack myself up!
(composes himself) Anywho…
Put your hands together for Matisse!


So you’re named after the
famous painter aren’t ya?


And you’re a painter too, I see!


–And they told me you
will paint Maui today?


Guess there’s a little bit of
a language barrier here… Meow
us and wow us, little one!

(Matisse’s performance)


That’s a masterpiece!!
Maui, do u think it looks like you?

I think she’s missing a little
more…muscle definition in
certain places… but cats are
sooo cute! So it’s a Yes from me!

(squeaky voice) Awwww so cute!

Some prime judges we have here eh?
Let’s move on to our last performance.
All the way from Mexico,
give it up for…. Miguel!


Miguel, did you visit
your ancestors last week?

I sure did!

Those folks are BONE to be wild, I
tell ya! Why don’t you sing the song
that brought you to the semi-finals!?

(Miguel’s performance.


That was really HUMEREUS– get it?

(Audience laughs)

Judges? What do you say?


Me, too!!

Sweet as apple pie!

–I hope you’re not talking
about the one you just burnt
to a crisp. Thank you, judges!
…Aaaand that’s all the time we have
for you today ladies and gentlemen.
Tune in next week to find out if Maui
ever learns how to bake a proper pie
and who will take the crown in “The
Greatest Disney Show on Earth”! Byyye!


It’s The Greatest (greatest)
Disney show on earth!

(Yeah! It’s a party every week, baby!)

Greatest (Disney) show we all deserve!
(Thanks you for checking it out!)

We saw them step it up and take it!

Was it enough for them to make it?

Well, you can, understand (that it’s)
The greatest Disney show on Earth!
Greatest Disney Show On Earth!

(Genie blows a kiss to
the camera and winks)

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