Why, why me, baby?
You know every day, we livin’ life, um
Up and downs and shit, goin’ through shit
Goin’ through changes, and you know what I’m sayin’ (Why me, baby?)
Real life shit, you know
Why, why me, baby?
Why me, baby?
I just left the hospital, might need another liver
Kidney failures, I tell you this shit couldn’t be more realer
My body and drugs too familiar so it’s hard to clear my system
This shit get hard on a nigga, I hardly show my feelings
Look up to see stars, but I’m realizin’ God in the ceilin’
I been gettin’ high inconsistent, but you tryna show me different
Judgin’ me for tryin’ the whippets, I’m tired of the critics
But I can’t cap, I ain’t feel it, but this time I done did it
The doc didn’t care who the richest, I need to be admitted
I been livin’ wild
Why me, baby?
Wanna know why the reason and why I have my reasons?
Reason why they ain’t tell me it was pneumonia season
These police won’t never save us, that’s why I run with heathens
God say you want me to say it, you gotta take it easy
I’m tryna stack it like layers and keep it extra cheesy
I had stepped back from these rappers, these niggas actin’ greedy
I’m gon’ say no, I don’t owe you, don’t care if you really need it
Sometimes you gotta show you ain’t no ho, ain’t talkin’ ’bout no bob and weavin’
Niggas know I got love for PO and Debo, must I repeat it?
(Niggas know I got love for PO and Debo, must I repeat it?)
Wake up hit the ‘Yo, spit a flow, say let’s go, then I repeat it
Take a look at my bro and I know we gotta eat
You a Rockstar lil’ soldier, I hope you don’t never leave me
Codeine all in your colon, you got that shit and squeeze
Fucked up, can’t control it, you steady rollin’ weed
Everyone said they told you and you ain’t takin’ heed
Why, why me, baby?
I been livin’ wild
Why me, baby?
Why, why me, baby?
I been livin’ wild
Why me, baby?


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