War Lyrics

War Lyrics Song Lyrics in English Translation

Why I Hey I’ll Cop
Things For A Reset Don’t Do
I Clap Don’t Do Email Feds
Wanna Type Of Man And Wild
Man Le Chubs It Be – Back
When Ricky Was Doing Up Tees
That I Was Doing Dinner With Tz
I Didn’t Trust No One So
I Got Lie He’s Got To Freezing Me
Cold Never More Nice He Sweats To Nike
Sweat Suit Pg It Might Get Be Key
Ring Ring Call Up Gg Doing My Melee
You Should Loo Up To A Man From Certain
Hands Were Shooting On Repeat Thought
He Was A Bad Boy Into A Man Got
Pinched Him And Went Pc Man Went Pc
Just Lie That Len Windows Some Man Pindos Before
I Was Ever Around Kendall’s
I Was At Door Treting Up Pencils
The Women I Do End Up With Has
To Be A Bad Girl Just Like Munchies
Can’t Have No One Pretentious Ting
When I Know This Road Gets Bumpy
Word To The Broski Jay
He Got Different Names In Different Countries
Three Laps In A Whip When We Beat That Case
Where Man Live Way Too Comfy
I Don’t Do Well When People
Making Disses Or Making Threats
Well A Man Ain’t Got Flow Like Private Jets
For Way Way Less Less

I Know You Tryna Get One Down On Us Ever
Since Been Stressed
Bcoz You Know The Reps Done Owe You
One And We Always Pay Them Debts
Wassa Wassa Just Like The Cronies Press
I Don’t Do No Imposta
Link With Scull And Cousin Jamie Hard
Then We Dip On Gaza
Pasha Sasha Pissed
I Way Way Too Young At The Time For Slashes
You Niggas Spend Too Much Time On Captions
Not Enough Time On Action

Pick One Man With Slaps That’s Rapping And
I Bet He Don’t Want No Clashes
The Lv Pouch On Chest Is Just For Fashion
Niggas Just Acting
Are You Dumb Or You Stupid?
The Wheels On The Rose Was Chrome
Headshot Dome Us
Just Checked In At The Hotel Floor
That We All Got Pulled In Aromas

Over Your Exo Link Up Magnum Don’t Drink Up
Me In The Trailers
Packs And Sticks And Cash And Baka
Gucci, P And Dealers
And The Boy That Sound Like He Sang On Thriller
You Know That’s Been My Nigga Yeah
We Just Had To Fix Things Family 6 Tings
We Can’t Split Up
As For The Rest Of The Game
I’ll Do Man Dirty
Man’ll Get Two Time
Too Me That’s Just Our Side
I Don’t Really Care Who Rides On Who’s Side
Ring Ten Shots To The Pool Side
Never Seen None Of These Grown Men Outside
4301 Won’t Spare No One
Niggas Gotta Know About Southside
Stepping Outta Line Get Outlined
Ain’t North Tired Of State Side
Bring Man Down When It Takes Ties

Tryna Get Saved By The Bell Like Bayside
Prince I Carry That Last Name
That Shit Stays On Me Like Brannings
Judges Lining Up Brand New
Headings And Nice Guy On My Team
Everyone I Know Has Cold Names
Anyone I’m Beefing With Is A No Name
Niggas Can’t Even Win Home Games
They Just Gotta Fall In Line Like Soul Train

Ay, Yeah
Axel, Axel!

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