No Weakness Lyrics

No Weakness Lyrics Song Lyrics in English Translation

Everytime I Leave, She Beg For Me To Stay
But Baby Girl, I Can’t
I Run The Skreets All Night
Run The Skreets All Day
Run The Skreets All Day

Me Don’t Want Love
Love Is For The Weak Man
Me Can Not Trust
Me Can Not Depend
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Somehow I Keep On Losing All My Friends
I Came To The Conclusion It’s Not Them
Where Do I Go To Get Some Peace?
Tossing And Turning When I Sleep
Change My Number Every Week
I Got Some Pain That’s Running Deep Yeah

I Dont Shed Tears Anymore
‘Cuz Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
I’m Sorry Baby Girl I Got To Go
Whether If You Like It Or You Don’t
Cus I’ve Been Here Too Many Times Before

I Wonder When They Look At Me, Yeah
I Wonder What They See
Wondering If They Can See The Pain Underneath
Wondering If They Can See The Change I Increased

Brother Really Swang It For Me
We Tear Down Their Whole Gang When It’s Beef
Leave A N***a Brains In The Skreets
50K I Have Em Swangin For Weeks
You Better Have That Thang When They Creep

And I Can’t Get No Sleep, I Got To Stay Up
I’m In Love With The Skreets I Can’t Lay Up
It’s Like I Feel Myself Falling Then I Wake Up
Imma Die A Paper Chaser

My Whole Life I’ve Been Running, Baby
Like Someones Coming, Baby
I Have A Hard Time Trusting, Baby
Can’t Trust For Nothing, Babe

Written by:
Rod Wave

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