I can’t hide my frown, my smile is hiding from my mouth
I can’t lie, my mind keeps finding time to fight myself
I dive so deep inside, feel like I died and I’m in hell
Or I’m so high, my eyes can’t see the ground beneath the clouds
Don’t look down (don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down)
Don’t look down (don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down)
I tried to keep it quiet, silence all my cries for help
As long as I am rising, till I’m upside down, I won’t look down

This a meteoric rise, keep ignoring all the horror stories like
So-and-so got way too famous and ended up killing himself with some pills and a knife, ay
I am not the one who’s gonna self-destruct, got it out the mud
I came way too far to fail or screw it up, I ain’t dropping balls, I just blew ’em up, ay
I will never let my mental illness be the cause of my downfall
I will never lie to none of my fans, if I did, it would sound wrong
I will never try convincing you dummies, this isn’t a town hall
Never look down, never look down, just look around, y’all, ay
All of my demons are here, all I can feel is fear
All I can do is keep being myself and that’s what I been doing for thirty-two years
All of my haters came out, chasing my name for some clout, what are they angry about?
They’re climbing as high as their ladders can take ’em and screaming my name, but I don’t look down

Hi guys, remember me? I’m the white guy everybody wanted to cancel, nice try
Too sick, I might die right, two fists full of middle fingers, I got no time for high fives
Too rich for a drive-by, pay the pilot on my private jet to keep it low and do a fly-by
Take nine knives on a bike ride, why nine? ‘Cause I heard that a pussy has nine lives
I’m the one that y’all hated, I’m the one who won the game, got paid and famous
I’m the one who laughed in all they faces and became the greatest since old Slim Shady
I’m the one who don’t care, I’m the one who goes where no one goes ’cause they’re scared
I’m the one who don’t choke when the boat don’t float, my throat gets no air
I can barely breathe all the air I need, oxygen is very thin at the top
I can rarely sleep, stars I’m underneath shining too bright and I can’t turn ’em off
I’m high as the birds now, flying too close to the sun, got a burn, wow
I been turning up and I ain’t turning down, maybe I should chill but I ain’t learning how, ay

I’m not afraid of success, I’m afraid of what happens if I take a rest
I’m afraid that I’ll end up where I was before, in the hood with no money or food for the rent
I’m scared if I look at the water, I’ll drown so I look at the sky and deny there’s a ground
I’m not scared of the altitude up in the clouds, I’m scared of the fall, so I don’t look down

Fuck you
Every single motherfucking one of you
I can’t even see you, because I don’t look down
(Don’t look down
Don’t look down) ah
(Don’t look down
Don’t look down)

I can’t hide my tears, I dry my eyes and more come out
I can’t lie, my fear is suicide, not bank accounts
Keep my chin up but my head weighs like a million pounds
Feels like my neck might break, I hear it crack, ignore the sound
Don’t look down (don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down)
Don’t look down (don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down)
I tried to keep it quiet, silence all my cries for help
As long as I am rising till I’m upside down, I won’t look down

This a legendary climb, stand on the edge of the ledge and it’s very high
Think of the men who are dead ’cause it got to their head at a cemetery time
I ain’t the one who gon’ throw it away ’cause I’m feeling too lonely up here
I ain’t the guy who gon’ break from the pressure, it’s snowy, my pipes are not frozen up here
I don’t wanna hear about these YouTube rappers, I am not in that bracket, punk
Billboard plaques all stacked in my mansion, a million cash for my taxes, punk
Call me trash while I produce anthems, y’all attacking with plastic guns
I’m the biggest independent rapper in the fucking world, you just live on my planet, punk
Got a acid tongue and massive lungs, every single track I’ve done has packed a punch
Used to be an addict, yup, I crashed a truck in Canada, going too fast, black-out drunk
I was nice at the start but the mood all changed, the reactors who trashed me for views are lame
Don’t ask me to help you remove no claims, if I see you punks, you gon’ lose your chains
I am the one who they all called a liar when I told them that I’d help my mom retire
They thought that I’d buy a new crib and a chain and a ring and a whip and some rims for the tires
Guess what? Mom don’t work, sent a hundred grand in a LV purse
Made a album with Nova and Brandon, they own half the masters, I told them the fam comes first

Still got the pills that the doctor gave me to combat the depression and the panic attacks
I’m the type of person who won’t even take a Tylenol even when I got a dozen knives in my back
They’re calling me wack but I don’t react, I don’t have time to write raps replying to trash
I’ll meet a whole team, yeah they trying to cap, I’m concrete but my demons hide in the cracks, I’m the one
I ain’t buy liquor for months, and you’re lucky I’m sober, I’m nuts when I’m drunk
Mix the whiskey with soda, the man I’d become would invite you all over, put drugs in your punch
When you pass out I’ll wrap you in plastic and hit you with hammers and flatten your skull till it’s crushed
I don’t name names, I don’t play games, I just aim, spray, and throw out the gun
The rappers who hate act like family now, they tryna jack my style like some hand-me-downs
They want a million views, I want a Grammy now, and the closest they’ll come is they grammy’s house
I don’t even drink but I’m planning how, I can make a brewery in a massive house
To give free booze out to these rapping clowns and they can die using that to wash Xannys down
I’m the most successful guy to hold a pencil, I’ve been great for so long, I’m bored of flexing
I became the machine made of iron, check inside, peel the skin off and let the metal shine
I’ve been the greatest for so fucking long, it feels normal for me to be special
So much clout, I could buy back the souls of these rappers that sold them for cash to the devil

Why is everybody always talking shit? Criticizing how I’m doing it my way
If I’m so trash, why don’t y’all release your videos on a Friday?
‘Cause that’s my day, comparing our numbers you’d cook like some fried eggs
Pussy like wide legs, you only get views if you say my name
Angry I’m famous and not a great rapper and you been working stupid hard
I don’t have to rap fast to impress all my fans, I am a superstar

Man, I’m built for this, I’d kill for this, never get back for the blood that I spilled for this
I’m at the top, it don’t even seem high enough, I need a couple more hills and some stilts for this, ay
There ain’t nobody around, the top of the mountain, I scream, and I shout
Nobody up here but me is allowed, the VIP section is deep in the clouds
Go ahead and call me a clown, ’cause I cannot hear it, your sky is my ground
To look me in the eye, you’d have to reach the summit, I won’t see you coming, I don’t look down
If I stepped on glass and my feet on fire and my toes turn black and my shoes melt off
If my bones touch ground, I will not look back, I cannot look down
I don’t care about how hard it gets, I gotta be the fire in the dark, I guess
I got a beating heart inside an iron chest, if they’re sleeping on me, I ain’t tryna rest
Hope they die in their sleep while I climb to the peak and their eyes never see all the heights that I reach
I deserve it ’cause I took the stairs to the moon, I might die from exhaustion but I like the view
I’m higher than planets, the average person would die from the temperature, bodies are burning
The oxygen needed for life is inadequate, I hold my breath until I’m turning purple
All my life all you did was doubt, and now my success gon’ kill you now
Wish I could see and put you in the ground, but as bad as I want to, I’ll never look down

You don’t get it still
I am the one
(Don’t look down)
You don’t have to admit it to yourself, you don’t have to admit
(Don’t look down)
You don’t have to tell the whole world that when you look at me, you have to look up to me
And I don’t look down
(Don’t look down)
Everybody, please keep on talking, I am a fucking superstar


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