Coronavirus Lyrics

Coronavirus Lyrics Song Lyrics in English Translation

This Quarantine Got Me Feeling Like
Im Locked In A Prison
I Got Coffins(Coughings) For
These Beats They Better
Stay At A Distance
Went Costco For Some Tissue
They Said 2 Was The Limit
I Saw A Granny Try To Grab Em
I Had To Fight Her To Get It
Everybody Turning Animalistic
No Supplies, No Food Next
The Worlds Going Cannibalistic
Going Crazy We All Stuck On Our Phones

The Quarantine Micaulay Culkin
This A Movie We All Home Alone
We Got Bills Mr. Gates (Bill Gates)
I Wonder How The Doctors Feel (Dr.Phil)
They Gon Have Go See Doctor Phil Mr. Gates
Btw If You’ve Ever Talked Behind That Shits Ok
I Might Sick Get If You Come Say It To My Face
This Shits Pandemic, Certified Crisis
I Remember When Corona Was Beer
And Not A Man Made Virus
I I Remember Getting Sick Wasn’t Shit
Now We Panic When We Cough, Sneeze
Or Feel Like We Got Any Type Of Sinus
What We Do Now?
Only Option Is To Pray
If You Dont Want To Be Six Feet
Under Stay Six Away
Stay Home, Hide Ya Kids
Wash Ya Hands, Be Safe
Its Like A Greyhound Bus And
Its Stopping In Every State
Eint It Funny?

How These Kids Think It’s Funny
And They Wanna Go And Play On Spring Break
Stupid Kids They Gon Sleep In The Bed
That They Made And Then Be Mad
When Those Same Springs That They Have Break
Cant Escape
Shit Is Viral
I Was On It Way It Before It Hit The News
This Is Man Made, Click Baited
Automated Views
This Is Way More Deadly Than The Flu
Way Stronger Than The Devil Even
He Couldn’t Empty The Church Pews,
You A Fool If You Think It’s Fake
On Set Symptoms After 14 Days Until
Your Lungs Fail And You Suffocate
Assisted Respiration By A Ventilate
Mass Population Declutiration
A Reason To Eliminate
From Africa To Italy
Nigeria To Sicily
This Virus 5G And Has Global Connectivity
Thieving In The Night As
It Creeps In Yo Vicinity
And Robs You Of Your
Basic Motor Function Capabilities
So My Task Before The World
Panics And Runs Out Of All The Masks
Before Discrimination Of Asians
Becomes Something We Let Pass
Forgetting That The Problem Stems
From Something We Cant Grasp
Before You Yell Conspiracy
Before You Tweet You At Donald Like
Its Really Gonna Fix The Situation
But You Have No Validity
Before The Stocks Plummet
Before Every Industry Realizes Thats
It Workers Who Slave Actually Run It
Before Total Lockdown And Depression
And Anxiety, And Long Nights Alone
And No With Contact With Society
The Riots, The Tanks, 90 Days Of Sobriety
And Social Validation Off Ig Notoriety
Before You Go Crazy
Way Before You Choose
The Worst Time In Manking To Have
A Unplanned Baby
Just Know
We’re All Part Of The Remedy
We’re On The Same Team
And Corona Is The Enemy

Stay Home!
Be Safe!

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